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3/14/13 by XelrogTApocalypse

There once was a town, neither evil nor good,
Where the citizens lived as all citizens should.
They were strong and at peace... never happy nor sad,
And they kept to themselves; nothing good, nothing bad.

There was relative peace with some relative strife,
Everybody lived not a too short or long life,
The offenses were small and did not last for long,
And enforcement was absent, none right and none wrong.

Never lies or ideals, never gain, never loss...
A Utopian world where no one was cross.
Then the Goodvillians came, cloaked with pride and with shame,
Claiming Goodville and Shouldville were one and the same.

They were infamous all throughout Shouldville and on...
Hypocritical tyrants: Conform or begone.
They laid waste to the land, left the buildings to burn,
So the Shouldvillians fought, seeking the tides to turn.

They were strong and precise... the Goodvillians, no match.
Though they tried to retreat, their mistake did they catch.
Then the Badvillains came, claiming, now that they could,
That this Goodville was bad and that Badville was good.

Though they fought with the truth and they lived to protect,
The Shouldvillians soon fell, and who failed to detect
It but Goodville and Badville who, now both at war,
Had far greater concerns than who favored what more.

Former Shouldville their stage and their bloodlust their sword,
Both had sealed their fates and played their final chord.
They had lost their ideals in their feud for the prize...
Though their foe had been lost, so came reason's demise.


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I figure that since it's already on DeviantArt, and these are pretty much the two sites I use for uploading things, I might as well stick my poetry here on Newgrounds in some form. I don't write it very often, but every once in a blue moon the mood will strike me.

This is one of my earlier ones which I've been told reminds people of Dr. Seuss. I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or an insult, though.